INDEX Social Activities

INDEX is a firm believer in team-building and group activities, holding regular training sessions, meetings, workshops, and seminars, aimed at enabling employee motivation, training, and development, all while improving communication.

Desert Safari

DersertSafari-1INDEX staff’s day-out at the desert, enjoying traditional safari experience, dune-bashing, fun team building games to laugh, learn, and connect with colleagues.

Annual Strategy Meeting

AnnualMeetingINDEX staff convene to discuss the vision of Tomorrow’s INDEX and how together we can achieve this vision.

Brainstorming sessions

BrainstormingTo encourage creativity among INDEX staff, regular brainstorming meetings witness the INDEX team unleashing their imagination to come up with brilliant ideas and innovative techniques to increase productivity and solve work problems in untraditional ways.

In-house training

inHouseTrainingINDEX staff training their colleagues, focusing on specific subjects and skills relevant to their work.


Pre-OpsINDEX staff getting ready for upcoming events, sharing important information and updating all participants on important details, to guarantee that every event is organized up to INDEX’s high standards.

UAE National Day Celebrations