Corporate Social Responsibility

INDEX Holding
Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility

“Innovative, Responsible and Sustainable business practices”

INDEX Holding embeds the elements of innovation and sustainability within its core business activities and attributes its achievements to its stakeholders and the community. Our approach to business does not stem only from contributing back to the community but also continuously and actively contributing “to the community.”
Through our constant commitment to CSR, we ensure that progress is made in various areas related to the workplace & human capital, market place, foreign investment, community and environment.

Inspired by our legacy and fueled by our core values, we have made INDEX a platform for responsible businesses.

In our bid to serve the community in the region and internationally, we are always leveraging on our expertise and the expertise of our global and dynamic business network.

We forged a culture of social and responsible business practices for which INDEX Holding ensures that compliance is adhered to exemplary in ethical standards and in line with international norms.

Our collective efforts in ensuring socially responsible business conduct is reflected in our relationship with our members, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Our CSR policies and practices are aligned with the vision and objectives of INDEX Holding, to further deliver value and put in place effective and efficient business practices fostering positive contribution to the development of the community.